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An Introduction.

2008-09-25 18:19:12 by Tomack

My name is Tomack Dominuev, im 15 and I live in England. Ive been on Newgrounds for a long time, ive used lots of different names, but this is my real name.

I am quite unhappy. I have a high IQ, I have a girlfriend who I like very much, I am fairly athletic, muscular, I develop skill quickly in most things I persue, and I have lots of friends. But I am still unhappy, I do wonder why this is.

I disagree with most any cause that the army follows, but I will still join it when I reach 18. I am taking Biology, Psychology, Philosophy, Archaeology and Critical Thinking at College, and at University I will do a degree in Maritime Archaeology. I enjoy Swimming, Scuba diving, performing, producing, and listening to Music, particularly Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz, and acousticy type things such as Sufjan Stevens and the like. I play the Bass Guitar to a grade 8 standard, and the drums. (The latter being very badly.) I also enjoy producing Music digitally.

For any of those who may take interest in technicalities, I use a beautiful Musicman Stingray 3EQ, a Jim Dunlop Cry Baby, any amplifier I can lay my hands on, and a 24 Inch iMac (2008)

I will enjoy interacting with anyone who should choose to.
Thank you,


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